12046666_486520701519524_5945748515520545506_nI must be honest I’m a little nervous about sharing my daily walk of faith online.  Hasn’t the world done a great job convincing us not to talk about our faith in public?  So often Jesus Christ is mentioned and a hush falls over the crowd.  There’s definitely a dark force at work here.  We must remember, life is short and we were not created to live on this earth forever.  We are only passing through.  Atheism offers no hope for an eternal future.  Wherever Christians choose not to talk about their faith darkness takes over.
I must ask myself why when I share photos, art, friendly messages and so forth on the web daily am I nervous in sharing my faith?  I hate to think that I’m actually taking instruction from the world in feeling that being polite now means I can’t talk about the most important thing in my life.  How many Christians I wonder have forgotten that faith was never a gift to be taken and hidden away in the privacy of churches and homes.  Jesus was completely selfless so why now are so many of His followers saying, ‘my faith is a private thing’?  Shouldn’t a life dedicated to following Christ possess a desire to share?  Were we not all called to be fishermen of men?  What happened to us?  What happened to me?  Postmodernism is the answer.  Through schools, television, media, conversations withab9e04c0b116c7ab7281dc22bdd758d4a worldly friends, etc. seeds were planted in our minds which grew into a strong belief that all interpretations must be accepted forcing us to shrink back, remain silent and have no thoughts of our own.  Postmodernist believe there is no truth and if there is truth it is determined by the individual.  To the pre  modern truth was found in scripture.  To the modern truth was found in science and reason.  But, to the postmodern truth can’t be found at all because there is no truth.  We are slowly surrendering our freedom of not only speech but religion, reason and truth.  We may now interpret an elephant as a rose even though it is clearly an elephant.  Today, if you see something one way and I see it another according to the new world view we are both correct.  Even if — it is as large, loud and smelly as an elephant.  The Christian life is much more simple.  One Saviour, Truth and interpretation of the Word of God.  At least that’s how it should be as the Bible is quite clear.  Yet in this postmodern society we find that if we do speak of Scripture we are often asked, ‘who’s interpretation of that verse are you going by’.  The Bible is very simple to read.  Thou shalt not commit adultery, sex was created for the marriage bed, we are to do good to those who hurt us, love our neighbours and so forth.  The Bible is easily understood.  No interpretation required.  Anything now that the world does not like they claim to be opened to interpretation and state there are no absolute truths.  Yet, when it comes to reading the Bible it doesn’t matter what it means to me but what the author intended it to say.  My approach should be what did the verse say and how does that truth apply to my life?  That is the humble attitude we must have when approaching the Word of God.  We are not to destruct the text.
Remember no matter how frustrating disagreements become as Christians we 26bf3d4c55924eec4713b1d8f95bc339must let grace, love, kindness and forgiveness be our guide.  I’ll listen but I will not bow down to false worldly ideas nor become angered by them.  I can see the elephant clearly and will call it as such.  Let us not forget we are called to come out of the world and be separate so that our faith will not be contaminated by such movements as postmodernism.  There have always been and will always be absolute truths.  The world is constantly changing yet the Word of God remains the same.  Only in it will we find the stability our souls are so desperately seeking.
 I hate to think that I have been listening to the world and not following the Word of God which calls us to share our faith.  This is not an interpretation of the Word of God or a choice for a follower of Christ but a command from Jesus himself.  So I’m going back to the roots instilled in me by Christian grandparents.  Their generation would have laughed in the face of postmodernism seeing it clearly for what it is — simply yet another manipulative force working behind the scenes striving to silence individual voices and rob us of our human rights by singing a lullaby, ‘smile, nod, agree, don’t talk about your faith’.
676122846d0d16245623833ec163cfc4I’m waking up now.  I’m going to share my faith on the web with anyone who might be interested in following along.  You’ll soon come to find that I am a million miles away from perfect.  I laugh at myself sometimes and the goofy things I do.   I’ve made the most stupid mistakes.  Many are quite funny so I’ll share those here in months ahead as well.  Like the bumper sticker says, ‘Christians are not perfect just forgiven’.  I encourage all Christians reading this who might have been impacted by the postmodern movement as I have to come out of the shadows.  Let’s talk about religion and our faith.  Let’s talk about Jesus and how we strive daily to be more like Him.  After all He’s the only one who can offer us hope for an eternal future or logical answer as to why and how we came into existence.